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Why hire a professional logo designer
Seriously contemplating your corporate identity?In today's economy many companies are looking for ways to stretch the mileage of their budgets. A second year graphic design student or intern may be able to both save you a lot of money and design a visually outstanding logo.

However, it's not until you wish to utilize that logo design across a wide range of media applications that the true costs of your decision will evidence themselves. Your investment needs to be applicable to all of the design mediums you will need for your corporate identity

Your new logo must stand out from your competition and translate well for use on your six-by-eight sign as well as a one color classified ad, without losing all clarity and impact. Some of our competitors are adding to the avalanche of overseas outsourcing. While our competition may save you some short-term cash, the lack of experience and depth can often cost a great deal more for your image in the long run.

Logos designed by experienced visual identity designers are one-time investments for the life of your business. Your logo design is a permanent advertisement for your company, affording a common look and feel to your advertising and marketing promotions, as well as your products.

A consistently applied, well-designed logo enables instantaneous recognition, which cultivates burgeoning brand awareness. Your logo can speak volumes, so trust your corporate identity to a professional team of visual communicators.

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