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Logo design process & workflow
brainstorming & logo idea development

Forethought and strategic planning are the keys to developing a powerful corporate identity for your business. In order to properly address the creative demands for your corporate identity, our highly skilled designers require as much detail as you are able to provide via our
online logo questionnaire. The logo questionnaire will walk you step-by-step through the discovery process. You will be asked who your intended audience is, about your competitors, as well as for any concepts or suggestions you may already have in mind for your logo design. Based on the information you submit via our online logo questionnaire, our experienced logo designers will look in depth at the nature of your business and analyze your customers and competitors. LogoDesignSource.com will contact you with any questions, or if further clarification is requested from our logo designers before we begin your project.

logo production
logo concepts
LogoDesignSource.com will begin our creative logo design development process based around the input you supply via our online logo questionnaire. Our talented logo designers will
conceptualize initial design proposals for your logo that capture your vision, creating logo concepts which not only satisfy your strategic goals, but elevate your firm's corporate identity to a whole new level.

The divergent yet distinctive logo design concepts we create will be staged online for your review. We will send you an email alerting you to the fact that your initial logo design concepts are ready for review, along with a private link to view your designs.

logo revisions

Once we have delivered your initial logo design concepts, we ask that you email us your feedback on the logo design concepts. Please describe exactly which elements in the initial presentation you like, and which you don't like. For instance, provide us with an understanding of what colors and font styles strike you. Your feedback and comments will greatly assist our logo designers in capturing exactly the look and feel you want to achieve.

After the initial logo design concepts have been presented for your review you have three possible courses of action:

select a logo design from initial concepts Select a logo design from the initial logo concepts as-is for your final design.

request alterations or modifications to the logo designRequest alterations or modifications to the initial logo design concepts.
New selection of logo design concepts will not be developed after any alterations have been requested.

new selection of logo conceptsIf you are completely unhappy with the first set of initial logo designs, at this point only may you request that our designers draw up a new selection of logo concepts for you free of charge!
At this time you are stating that the initial logo designs will not be present or revisited in your final selection.

All logo design revisions are posted online for your review and final approval. We will send you a notification email when the revisions to the requested logo designs are ready to be reviewed. Modifications beyond the scope of your project are available on an hourly basis. You may purchase additional single concepts outside the specifications of your selected package for $85.00 per concept..

After you have approved your final logo design, and upon receipt of your final balance (if outstanding), your new
logo design will be prepped and formatted for final delivery. Your logo will be converted into the customary, industry standard file formats compatible with a wide range of professional application mediums. You will be able to use your new logo design immediately for whatever you choose, whether it is for print, the web or any other marketing materials.

- Additional files formats available by request.

post project logo support
If you ever lose your master logo design files, please contact us, we will be glad to email your logo design files again.

If you should ever require additional file formats, we can convert your logo design files into the necessary formats for you. Any future modifications, logo updates or revisions can be made on an hourly basis.




logo design portfolio
logo designers
Update your logo
letterhead & business card design
logo design estimate

logo samples

fre e design estimate
When you are ready to build your Web Site Logo Design Source can provide you with the same caliber of design experience in the development of your other corporate mat-erials as you experience during the creation of you custom logo design.


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