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Designing or updating a web site?

You are at a most opportune movement, when the leveraging of search engine optimization talent and experience can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising expenses.

LogoDesignSource.com's Search Engine Marketing Consultants can help guide the design and development of your new or existing web site to maximize search engine-friendliness, without sacrificing the look and feel of your site design.

The decisions you make about your web site's content and link architecture can have a significant effect on your site's performance. A strategic and measured approach to your site content and how it is interlinked can have a radical effect on the performance of your web site in the “organic” search results of major search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN.

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Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consulting has a holistic approach.

Step 1: is to solidify the goals for the web site and determine how success will be measured.

Step2: is to brainstorm a portfolio of keyword phrases descriptive of your company, your products, your services and your market, which is reflective of your customer's needs and modes of expression.

Step 3: is where we run a keyword analysis to determine your optimal keywords and phrases, based on popularity, traffic volume, and number of competing sites. We then correlate the results of your Keyword Analysis with your existing site content to determine what areas will need development and what the priorities of that development will be based on your overall goals.

Step 4: consists of a complete Web Site Audit to pinpoint any technical impediments to the search engines spiders' ability to fully index your site content. The number of pages that require optimization will be calculated, then a competition and link popularity analysis will be completed to facilitate the creation of an overall Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign action plan, which will include a mix of pay-for-performance and organic search optimization.

Step5: is the implementation of the action plan, combined with ongoing performance monitoring, evaluation, and conversion strategies.

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Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Website Audit

Writing for Search Engines

Pay-Per-Click Performance

Link Popularity Campaigns

Our SEM Consultants can provide you with conversion and ROI (Return on Investment) data down to the keyword, per search engine, so that you can make informed decisions concerning your Internet Marketing and Advertising expenditures.

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