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Logo Design Source logo design guidelines

Logo design guidelines
Keep it simple
Simplicity is the soul of an effective visual identity. Versatility and simplicity are hallmarks of an outstanding logo. Your logo design should be scalable to any size without losing any image quality or visual impact. Ask yourself a few questions when selecting a logo design. How will the design look when it is scaled down on your business cards for instance? Will the logo still be legible and recognizable?

Typography is Crucial
Your font's legibility must be of primary concern. Typefaces are selected for their distinctive character, variety of weights, widths and proportions. Select a typeface that is common to most computer operating systems.

Does your logo design work in Black & White?
Consider how your logo design will look when it is rendered in only black and white. Your vendors and advertising outlets may require your logo to be in black and white only. Much other company material such as faxes and company checks for instance may only print in black and white. Make sure your logo design works well in black and white as well as color.

Number of Colors
Every additional color in your logo design can add significantly to your printing costs. Keeping your logo in fewer colors will greatly reduce your expense when applying your logo to different mediums such as signage for instance.

Have you thought about your tagline?
A witty slogan or tagline can complement your logo well, imparting a sense of personality and what your business is all about. Often times how your new prospects get to know you.

File Formats
File Formats are also very important. We create 98% of our logo designs vector based to ensure scalability without sacrificing sharpness and clarity or reducing in resolution. The native vector based file will remain scalable and can be formatted to most required file formats.

Effective Communication
Effective communication continually is vital. There should be consistency of character, style and tone in every aspect of your media communication and marketing efforts.

Do not design by committee.
Centralized creative control is essential in avoiding delays and cost overism with your logo design project. Designing by committee frequently leads to indecision, or conflicts of personality and ego.

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