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Logo Design Source glossary
Glossary of logo & design terms

Glossary of logo design terms

Glossary of logo & design terms
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Aliasing - An aliased image is frequently said to have "jaggies." Aliasing is a technique used for bitmap file display to make diagonal edges look smoother by setting pixels close to the edge to intermediary colors according to where the edge crosses them.

Ascender - Any element of a lower case letter extending higher than the x-height. For example, the upper half of the vertical in the letters b or h. The opposite, letters extending below the x-height are referred to as descenders.

Banner - A popular type of advertising found on the Internet consisting of a graphic combined with a marketing message or call to action. Banners come in all shapes and sizes. Banner ads are an inexpensive and cost effective medium for taking advantage of the benefits of the Internet. An excellent solution for rapidly creating broad brand awareness.

Baseline - The line on which the foundation of capital letters sit.

Bezier Curve - A type of curve defined by mathematical formulas. Arched line segments created by mathematical averaging; typically used in computerized design software and vector based images.

bitmap miageBitmap Image - A data file or structure, which corresponds bit for bit with an image displayed on a screen. A graphic image stored as a specific arrangement of screen dots, or pixels. Web graphics are bitmap images.

Camera Ready - A final edition of artwork, document or graphic that is of suitable quality for mass reproduction.

Caps - An abbreviation for capital letters.

Caps and small caps - A style of type that shows capital letters used in the normal way while the rest of the word is set in capital letters which are of a slightly smaller size.

Clip Art - Public domain line art specifically designed for unregulated recycle. There are no usage rights to Clip Art images they are royalty free. Because anyone can use Clip Art is not able to be trademarked.

Color Separations - The process of printing the colors in a document as separate output files, each of which is to be printed using different-colored ink. Color separations are the division of a multi-colored print file into the basic process colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, also known as CMYK. These should not be confused with screen colors; red, green and blue, also known as RGB.

Corporate Identity - The consistent image associated with a company, the logo, look and feel of all marketing materials. An image that identifies and conveys a company's personality, the physical appearance of the brand.

CMYK - Stands for the colors Cyan - Magenta -Yellow -Black. In print design, colors are defined as a percentage of each of these 4 colors. In contrast, display devices (i.e. computer monitors) typically define colors using RGB - Red - Green - Blue..

Compression - A method of packing data in order to save disk storage space or download time. JPEG's and GIF's are generally compressed graphics files. Compression is a technique to make a file or a data stream smaller for faster transmission or to take up less storage space.

Descenders - The part of a lower case letter that extends below the x-height, as in the case of y and j. The opposite, letters extending above the x-height are referred to as ascenders.

dpi dots per square inch
DPI - Stands for dots per inch. DPI specifies the resolution of an output device, like printers or press machines. Low-resolution images, such as web graphics typically have 72 dots per inch. High Resolution print documents are typically 300 dots per inch.

EPS - Based on the PostScript language, Encapsulated PostScript, EPS is a vector format designed for printing to PostScript printers and image setters. It is considered the best choice of graphics formats for high resolution printing of illustrations.

Emboss - Embossing a graphic image adds dimension to it by making the image appear as if it were carved as a projection from a flat background. Embossing is also a technique used on paper to actually raise an image on the paper.

Flash - Vector graphic animation software from Macromedia that allows Flash graphics to look the same across all browsers, as long as the plug-in is installed. One of the advantages of flash animation is the relatively fast download time.

Font - A font is a complete set of characters in a particular size and style of type. This includes the letter set, the number set, and all of the special character and diacritical marks you get by pressing the shift, option, or command/control keys.

GIF - The Graphics Interchange Format is the file format commonly used to display indexed-color graphics in hypertext markup language (HTML) documents on the Internet. GIF is an LZW-compressed format designed to minimize the file size and electronic transfer time.

GIF Animation - A GIF image that can be animated by combining several images into a single GIF file. Applications that support the animated GIF standard, GIF89A, cycle through each image one by one frame by frame.

Gradient - A gradient is a gradual transition of colors. Gradients often create the feel of depth. Many metallic images are made up of gradients.

Grayscale - An application of black ink (for print) or the color black color (for the screen) that simulates a range of tones. Grayscale images have no hue (color). In print design, a grayscale graphic image appears to be black, white, and shades of gray, but it only really uses one single color ink.

Hue - The actual color of an object, a particular gradation of color; a shade or tint. Hue is measured as a location on a color wheel, expressed in degrees. Hue is also understood as the names of specific colors, like blue, red, yellow, etc.

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