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Ghostwriting services

Ghostwriting & rewriting services
Re-Writing Services

Do you know what you'd like your web site's copy to say, but aren't necessarily all that confident in your own copywriting skills? Don't have the time or the energy to spare for it? We can re-work or re-write your existing web site copy to give it that tone and style you're looking for. If your's a little rough around the edges, let us polish your copy up for you and even tighten the theme to help improve your pages' conversion ratios.



Provide us with a basic outline of what you'd like your copy to say, answer a content questionnaire that will help us in formulating our approach, and we'll consult current industry resources to craft the high quality content your web site deserves.



Need a quality article ghost-written for your web site, or as content for your newsletter? We can create a well-written article for you from a simple topic outline, or with referrals to pertinent topical references, we can develop an article from scratch for you.


Press Releases

Ready to create "buzz" with a press release but aren't quite sure how to go about it? Furnish us with the details you wish to convey, and we will write clear, concise, optimally formatted, and optimized press releases, then get them distributed online for you.


SEO Copywriting

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Writing copy for the Search Engines is an art form. Search Engines like to see content that is formatted in some very specific ways, and copy that is optimally formatted will boost your web page's ranking relevancy. Elements like Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Placement play an important role in how your web site copy will be judged by Search Engine algorithms.

We have over 4 years experience in SEO copywriting for a wide range of market verticals. If you'd like your web site's content to have that extra edge over your competition, we can create optimized copy that will be sure to help improve your web site's performance.

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