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Logo Design Source FAQ 5
What different types of logos are there?

Logo FAQ 5 of 5Frequently asked logo design questions
Logo resizing questionWhy does the logo look jagged when I try to resize it?

Chances are you are working off a low resolution, raster based image. File formats such as GIF, BMP, and JPG etc. are not suitable for enlarging without losing image quality. Your logo should be scaled/enlarged using the native vector based file (AI, EPS), then converted into the desired format and size. If you need your logo in a specific format, just let us know, we will be glad to assist you.

Logo types questionWhat are the different types of Logos?

Symbol/Icon Driven - Icons and symbols are compelling yet uncomplicated images that are emblematic of a particular company or product. They use imagery that conveys a literal or abstract representation of your organization.

Text Driven - A logotype, commonly known in the design industry as a "word mark", incorporates your company or brand name into a uniquely styled type treatment. Type fonts come in thousands of possible variations, shapes, sizes, and styles, each conveying a slightly different impression upon your intended audience. Font treatments can also include hand-drawn letters, characters or symbols that have been rendered in such a way as to intrigue the eye and capture interest.

Combination Marks - Combination Marks are graphics with both text and a symbol/icon that signifies the brand image that you wish to project for your company or organization. Concise text can complement an icon or symbol, providing supplemental clarity as to what your enterprise is all about.

Effective logo questionWhat makes a logo design effective?

Much depends on the logo's purpose, the mediums in which it will be primarily published, the desired portrayal of your company's image and your intended audience. An eye-grabbing, professionally designed, memorable logo engenders a sense of credibility and positive perception for your potential customers.

Logo color questionI printed my logo and the colors don't look right compared to what I see online.

Colors differ depending on the monitor you're looking at, as well as the fact that electronic representations are rendered with light beams of RGB (Red, Green, Blue), whereas print is rendered in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) with ink.

Logo recreation questionCan you recreate my existing logo in vector format?

The answer is yes. You may no longer have access to the original source files for your current logo design, or the only copy of your logo that you do have is the Pixel Based RGB image from your website. Our designers can recreate your logo design and format it to almost any file format that you may require. This process can in some events be reasonably time consuming, and may require an experienced and skilled logo designer. Send us an email with a copy of the logo you need to recreate and we will provide you with an estimate.

Color separations questionDo you provide Color Separations or Camera Ready Artwork?

No. The problem with this is that printers will use different equipment and the color separation process is specific to the printers machines. So...the best thing is to make sure that the printer can produce the color separation file from the EPS file that we supply. We use Adobe Illustrator CS.

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