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Logo Design Source FAQ 4

Logo FAQ 4 of 5Frequently asked logo questions
Logo copyright questionShould I copyright my logo?

In general, copyright registration is a legal formality intended to make a public record of the basic facts of a particular copyright. Copyright is intended to make public, a basic record of the facts of a specific copyright. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. Even though registration is not a requirement for protection, the copyright law provides several inducements or advantages to encourage copyright owners to make registration.

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Logo trademark question What is a Registered Trademark? What's the difference between TM & SM?

A Registered Trademark ® is documentation of ownership of the Trademark. The registration mark can only be used once the Trademark is registered with the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademarks are composed of a business name or symbol, or combination of the two, which is used to provide distinction between one company's products from another. The , or trademark symbol is frequently utilized to alert the public that a manufacturer has adopted a certain symbol, logo, term or combination for that use.

Service Marks ( SM symbol), are used the same way as Trademarks. The only difference is that Service Marks identify a unique service, as opposed to a product.

For more information please visit: http://www.uspto.gov/

Logo use questionHow can I use my logo?

You will be sent your master digital files via email in multiple formats. Back-Up CDs are available for purchase for an additional fee of $25.00 for US Postal Service Mail or $29.00 for overnight delivery. You can take the CD or digital files to any professional service provider who will be able to use your logo any way you see fit.

Loss of logo files questionWhat if I lose my logo design files?

Your logo design files can be extracted from our logo archive should they be lost or damaged. Additional Back-Up CDs with all of the various file formats are available for purchase for an additional fee of $25.00 for US Postal Service Mail or $29.00 for overnight delivery.

Print logos require very high resolution and have to be output in specific standard print file formats in order to print at a high resolution. By creating a logo in these file formats, the logo can be opened up and printed without having the original design software application the logo was created in. Logos for print use the CMYK color model for printing. Web logos on the other hand don't require anywhere near the resolution as they only need to be viewed on screen. Web logos follow the RGB color system.

LogoDesignSource.com cannot provide support for graphic design software or other computer programs that the logo is used in. We will gladly provide support for the actual logo design, for instance, spec PMS Colors, font names, file formatting and compatibility factors. For support with computer programs, we suggest that you visit the support pages for the software on the web sites of the software developers.


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