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Logo FAQ 3
Logos will come in several common file formats

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Logo delivery questionHow will my final logo be delivered to me?

Upon receipt of final balance if applicable, your logo design files will be transmitted to you electronically via email. You may also request that a Back-Up CD be mailed to you for an additional fee of $25.00 for US Postal Service Mail or $29.00 for overnight delivery. You can provide this CD or the files you received electronically via email to any service provider and they will be able to use your logo accordingly.

Logo satisfaction question What if I'm not satisfied with my logo and I have exceeded my project limits?

You are not buying a product, you are hiring an artist. In the event you are still unsatisfied after utilizing the allowances within your project estimate you have two options.


- Additional revisions can be contracted on an hourly basis. Rates can be subject to adjustment according to the complexity and intricacies of the revisions requested, or should the design require extensive illustration or modeling.

- Your second option entails the total design hours rendered subtracted from your payment. If a refund is due it will be remitted to you without delay. You will not be billed for hours exceeding your project estimate. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to LogoDesignSource.com.

Logo revisions cost question What will the costs be for additional edits/revisions outside my project estimate?

If you feel that your logo needs further refinement beyond the terms of your contracted project, further edits will be provided on an hourly basis. Rates may be subject to fluctuations depending on the complexity of the desired revisions. Our clients are never be billed for work they did not agree to.

Logo file formatting questionWhat formats will my logo design come in?

.ai logo file formatAI: Adobe Illustrator: Vector based, editable, native file (Mac: Illustrator, Freehand etc. PC: Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.). Your vendors (printers, web designers, silk screen printers, etc.) will use this file.

.eps logo file formatEPS: Vector based, importable file for most desktop publishing software (will work with Mac and PC). This file can be "placed" or "imported" into most desktop publishing software (Microsoft Word, QuarkExpress, PageMaker, etc.). Your vendors (printers, web designers, silk screen printers, etc.) will use this file.

.gif logo file formatGIF: 72 dpi web-ready file (will work with Mac and PC). This file is for Web use only. You can use this file on your Web site and view it with any browser.

.jpg .tif .bmp logo file format JPG and/or TIF, BMP: 300 dpi, raster-based file (will work with Mac and PC). This file can be opened by some Mac and PC illustration and image software (Illustrator, FreeHand, PhotoShop, ImageReady, etc.), and can be "placed" or "imported" into most desktop-publishing software.

Additional file formats are available upon request.

Logo rights questionWho will own the rights to the logo design?

The individual or company contracting the logo design will have all rights to the final, selected logo design. Full copyright ownership will be transferred upon receipt of final payment if applicable. Additional or alternate logo concepts created during the design process are the sole property of LogoDesignSource.com unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing additional unused concepts developed during your logo design process, please contact us.

Logo FAQ 3


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