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Our logo designers are highly talented, experienced professionals with over a decade of real world experience.

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Logo questionCan my logo be designed entirely over the Internet?

The vast majority of our
logo design projects are developed from start to finish with little, if any, off-line interaction required. Your design suggestions, visions and preferences can be submitted electronically through our website. The information you submit is provided to our logo designers who will create your logo design. We will contact you with any questions/concerns or if further clarification is requested from the designers before beginning your project.

Once the initial selection of logo designs are complete, your designer will stage the designs online for your review. You will be issued a unique, private web address to view your designs. After reviewing the initial logo designs, you may submit e-mail revisions and suggestions, all without leaving your computer.

Confidentiality questionIs LogoDesignSource.com safe & confidential?

Our professional reputation depends not only on our creative talents, but also our strict adherence to our privacy policy. None of your creative work will be shared with any other party without your specific permission.

Credentials questionWhat credentials does LogoDesignSource.com have?

Our top designers have over a decade of experience designing logos and identities. All of the artists and designers employed by LogoDesignSource.com have degrees in graphic design, visual communications or fine art. From graphic designers to art directors, LogoDesignSource.com employs a variety of highly experienced and educated talent.

Agency questionHow is LogoDesignSource.com better than an advertising agency?

Going through an advertising agency could take weeks or even months to deliver design concepts. We average 5-7 business days for delivery of your initial logo design concepts. At an advertising agency you are forced to hire an entire team to manage, develop and design your identity. We provide solutions quickly and cost effectively by being designers ourselves!

Your logo design is your company's persona, the public face that makes up the core of any successful corporate brand identity. The quality and professionalism of your logo design has a direct effect on the way your organization is perceived. A skillfully designed logo can become an extremely valuable asset that distinguishes your companies products and services from the competition. A professional corporate image, anchored with a high-quality logo design will cement brand recognition and carve out your niche in the market.

Our logo designers are highly talented, experienced professionals with over a decade of real world experience in the design industry. Every one of our designers has a degree related to fine arts, graphic arts, visual communications, advertising or marketing. LogoDesignSource.com is very proud of the caliber of our design talent.Logo Frequently Asked Questions


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