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Don't over engineer your logo's metaphor

Difficulties in logo design
Some of the more
common characteristics of problematic logo design projects are:

Design by Committee
The most difficult of logo design projects for logo designers involves large groups of people in the decision making process. In those situations, the approval process can be erratic at best, and there is usually a serious impact upon the project timeline and cost. It is best to select and appoint one individual as a central point of contact to coordinate and address the concerns of every aspect of your organization.

Over Engineering Your Logo's Metaphor
While you certainly want your logo to impart the self-concept character of your organization, there is no value in devising your logo as a complex icon worthy of Da Vinci. The simplest logos are the most memorable. In trying to be all things, your logo will never clearly illustrate one thing. Also, the more complex the logo design is the more expensive it will be to print and apply across your marketing mediums.

Don't Try to Improve Upon Success
If your reaction to your new logo design is instantaneous, listen to your initial instincts. If you have struck upon the right logo concept, your reaction will closely resemble that of the audience you are trying to reach. If you succumb to squeezing a “better” version out of a great logo concept, you may end up weakening the power of the original design, or lose the initial appeal completely.

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