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Logo design services
An effective branding image and corporate identity begins with your logo design. Consistent imagery and visual style when promoting your branding image is very important. Your branding image will indelibly identify all of the products, services, advertising and marketing materials that uniquely represent your business.

Let us blend your corporate identity across all platforms with professional visual design to coalesce your branding image into a cohesive corporate image that will exude the level of professionalism and character exemplified by your organization.

LogoDesignSource.com offers the following design services:

Logo Design Animation-
The human eye is reflexively drawn to movement. Animate your logo so that it jumps out at your visitors, draws their attention, and gets noticed.

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Flash Logo Design Animation-
The latest generation of Flash web animation technology in the rights hands can create a cutting edge dynamic animation of your logo design.

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Business Card & Letterhead Design
Your letterhead and business cards are often the first exposure a prospect will get to your company's branding image. Well-designed stationery, professionally printed on quality paper stock imparts a feeling of credibility that will ensure your organization is not only noticed, but taken seriously.

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Banner Advertising Design-
Let us create a banner advertising campaign that will complement your logo design in solidifying your branding image. Banner conversion ratios may have declined, but banner advertisements are a perfect medium for affiliate relationships and brand recognition purposes.

Click Here To See Examples Of Our Banner Ads Creative.

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Email Advertising Design-
If you're considering an email campaign, you want to be certain that you have a reputable and experienced design firm to design your email creative's. A professionally designed email campaign can convert readers into buyers.

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Computer Desktop/Wallpaper Design-
We can take your new or existing logo design and create a corporate desktop design or wallpaper to round out your branding image. Promote your logo on every computer screen in your office!

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Visit our Desktop Design Page

Web Site Design & Development-
Our Web Design Portfolio speaks for itself. Internet Marketing Specialists will ensure your web design and site development protocols are friendly to your customers, as well as to the search engines.

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eBook Cover Design-
A professionally designed cover graphic is the most important promotional piece your eBook will have. An attractive and well-crafted ebook cover can translate your digital information product into something your customers can visualize, an extension of your branding image that can be proliferated virally.

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Ghostwriting/Copywriting Services-
LogoDesignSource.com offers a myriad of writing services; copywriting, copy re-writing, article development, eBook creation, press releases and optimized copywriting for the web.

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Internet Marketing -
Our Internet Marketing Service is a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization and marketing (SEM). We have the expertise and years of experience navigating the murky waters of the search engine world to help your customers find you!

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Visit our Internet Marketing Page

Tagline/Slogan Development-
Good tagline's are simple, yet have a rather uncanny ability to stick in your mind. There are many techniques that can be used to create an effective tagline that will not be soon forgotten.

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Visit our Tagline Page

Web Hosting -
LogoDesignSource.com takes the uncertainty out of hosting  - and puts service, performance and value back in. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 24/7 maintenance and protection in our world-class data center. And you get the expert, friendly service you deserve.

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Secure SSL Certificates -
LogoDesignSource.com offers two types of Secure SSL Certificates, as well as Wildcard
(multiple sub-domain) versions. Choose the certificate that works best for you!

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Domain Names -
Check out our hot prices on .COM domains and other domain names -- from only $8.95* per year.

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Email Accounts -
Your LogoDesignSource.com email account is fast, ultra-reliable and secure. It's POP3 configured and advertising-free . It offers unique you@yourdomain.com personalization. It allows you to send and receive email using popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and more .

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Email Marketing -
Express Email Marketing shows you how to be in-touch the right way. It also provides tools to make sure that you comply 100% with all the new anti-spam laws. Send your mailings in confidence!

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Secure Online Storage -
When you need on-the-go access to any file, Online File Folder is the smart, secure solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around storage disks, removable memory, or emailing important files to yourself! Online File Folder gives you instant access to all your important files and even lets you synchronize files on your computer with your Online File Folder so you're always working on the latest version.

Click Here For Secure Online Storage!

Traffic Blazer -
Traffic Blazer lets you promote your business online, increase your online visibility and make money on the Internet...in a few simple steps! NO technical expertise is necessary. If you can type and click, you can use Traffic Blazer!

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Web Site Traffic Facts -
Not every visit to your site results in a positive action or sale. But that doesn't mean you can't profit anyway! How? By learning about your visitors. That's why LogoDesignSource.com provides web site statistics absolutely FREE with every Hosting and WebSite Tonight account.

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Web Site Copyright Registration-
When you value your Web site, source code, literary work or music and the hard work and original ideas that went into it, you need indisputable legal proof that YOU own your work! And that proof is a Registration Certificate issued by the U.S. Copyright Office.

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