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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Design a Logo

1.) How many colors do you want in your logo?

Most logo designs consist of 1-4 colors using industry standard color systems. The PANTONE Color language is the most universally understood standard available.

2.) How will the number of colors in your logo affect printing costs?

Depending on what form of printing you require, the number of colors in your logo can drive up your costs for printing.

3.) Where will the logo be placed? Are there any limitations you need to consider?

Places where you plan to place your logo may have particular specifications or restrictions; for instance if you plan to have the logo embroidered onto company shirts your design must be designed with that in mind.

4.) Will the logo be printed very small anywhere?

If your logo is reduced to a very small size for application will it print and reproduce well?

5.) Will the logo need to work in black and white as well as in color?

There may be instances where vendors or affiliates may require your logo to be in black and white only. A majority of newspaper and magazine classifieds, faxes and copies are still produced in black and white.

6.) Are there any signage restrictions to consider?

What orientation is the sign area? Is it vertical in nature, or horizontal? You don't want to have to squeeze a square logo design into a rectangular sign. Often people have both a stacked and horizontal version of their logo.

7.) Do you plan to trademark your logo?

If you plan to trademark your logo it must be original and not include any form of clip art or templated royalty free art work.

8.) Whom will I appoint in the decision making process?

The most difficult of logo design projects involve large groups of people in the decision making process. Designing by committee frequently leads to indecision, or conflicts of personality, ego and overrun costs due to shifting of focus.

9.) Who are your customers today? Who will be your customers tomorrow?

Defining your customers will help you to consider their needs. For instance, older customers will require larger highly legible text.

10.) What file formats will you need your logo in?

There are many different formats your logo may be in. Primarily you want to make sure your master logo design is vector based and scalable without image quality loss.

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